Terms and Conditions

Terms of use and conditions stipulate that you are directly responsible to comply with what is included in this document in case that you register on the Website or its attachments or use it.

  1. About us:

This website is a platform that provides an opportunity for those who are interested in e-commerce and allow them to create dynamic e-stores that ease the transaction between the buyer and the seller to get the highest quality for the best price.

  1. Registration Conditions:

You have the right to register as a seller or a buyer and benefit of our services as long as you have the following needed eligibility criteria:

  1. For buyers:
    1. Buyers must be at the legal age (the one that the country of residency requires).
    2. Provide an address in Saudi Arabia to be able to complete your transactions, especially if you did not choose the local delivery.
    3. We are not responsible for the quality of the product that is listed on sellers’ platforms.
  1. For sellers:
    1. You must have a valid trade license (if your country requires that) and in case of a legal violation the seller shall take full responsibility.
    2. To be able to provide any evidence or legal authorization for those who intend to sell on behalf of other individuals, organization or companies.
    3. Be able to provide any needed identification documentaries if asked to ease transactions.
    4. Be able to provide reliable financial needed information in order to be able to receive the payments and pay the fees.
    5. Acknowledgment and approval that special rules might be applied on specific products if noticed by us.
    6. We have the right to refuse any registration or any seller for no reasons, also we have the right to ask for any further documents to confirm your identity for registration requirements.
    7. Your registration on our website means that you have the right to be able to use our services for an open period, unless we found anything that requires an account suspension or cancellation.
    8. Your product listing on our website might take time at most it might be delayed for up to a day.
    9. Special conditions might be applied on some products.
    10. A 10% deduction shall be subtracted from all sales as a commission rate.
    11. The transfer of funds is subjected to the local laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in case of transferring the funds to a Saudi bank; the fee will be (7 SR). This might change depending on the financial and economic systems followed in Saudi Arabia. If the transfer is to any bank that is not in Saudi Arabia, the fee might be higher.
  1. Your obligations:
    1. When you use our services or access it, you agree to the following:
      1. It is your responsibility to make sure that the product you are intending to buy is the right product if you are the buyer. And to make sure that the product is functioning and safe before shipping if you are the seller.
      2. It is your responsibility to protect your identity and personal information and never share your login information with others and take full responsibility for anything done through your account.
      3. You agree to report any threat on your account such as any trial of breakthrough using your password or any personal information in order to allow us to take the required procedure to stop threats.
      4. Provide accurate real personal information and never impersonate another individual or a company.
      5. In case we provide confidential information or services, you agree to never reveal that.
      6. You must cooperate with us in case we ask for further information to verify your identity to be able to assist you better.
      7. You agree not to publish any contents or materials that do not have the needed legal authorizations.
      8. You agree to pay the payments of amounts related to the purchase of the commodity or any fees imposed by the website on the sale and purchases.
      9. Provide the buyers with the products that they purchased if you are the seller according to the time agreed on by the time of the purchasing by both parties.
      10. You agree not to harm other competitors on this website whether via an illegal or an immoral way.
      11. You agree to report any violations of our terms and conditions or any illegal activities.
  1. When you use or access our website/services, you agree that you will Not do the following:
    1. You agree not to steel the property of others for any reasons.
    2. You agree not to publish, download or spread any content that does not suit the religious, moral or legal laws that are applied in Saudi Arabia (or any country we might include in the future).
    3. You agree not to publish the content that harm others in any shape or form or pose a concern to the public safety.
    4. You agree to not buy, sell or exchange any living beings (even if they were not alive) unless the choice of receiving was a local pick up.
    5. You agree not to sell or buy or exchange any firearms or any materials that require a special type of license to be able to deal with such as dangerous chemicals.
    6. You agree not to sell, buy or exchange alcohol or any type of medical or illegal drugs.
    7. You agree not to sell, buy or exchange any products that are not functioning or broken or pose a threat.
    8. You agree not to break or circumvent the law.
    9. You agree not to damage the website or harm those who work with us in any way.
    10. You agree not to break the Intellectual property laws.
    11. You agree not to circumvent any of our procedures that we follow when it comes to providing our services.
  1. Intellectual property:
    1. You must follow the laws and procedures that are listed on the (Saudi Authority for intellectual property) on the following website: https://www.saip.gov.sa
    2. To follow the warrants and laws of electronic trade in Saudi Arabia.
  1. Warrant, undertake and acknowledge the following:
    1. Compliance with previous laws, terms and conditions.
    2. You have the full authority to make contracts (selling and buying) according to our terms and conditions, and your compliance to these terms and conditions does not conflict with:
      1. Any governmental laws, rules, regulations and guidelines that you are subjected to.
      2. Any other agreements that you were a part of, and you must fulfil.
      3. Your full responsibility in case you created an account to use in behalf of another individual or another company/organization. And that the responsibility of getting the needed legal documents is yours.
      4. Your responsibility of the accuracy of the provided information.
      5. We disclaim our responsibility of any warranties or guarantees in any shape or form regarding the listed items. However, that does not mean we are not going to take the needed procedures to limit or stop harming the buyer or the seller. At the same time, we highly recommend that you take caution when dealing with strangers and to make sure to read all the listed descriptions of the product.
      6. Following the laws of Saudi Arabia when it comes to the value added tax. And it is the seller responsibility to reveal whether they have a valid trade license and whether the VAT is included with the product price or not.
  1. Liability and Compensation:
    1. There is nothing in our term of use and condition that would clear the responsibility of any of the parties of the followings:
      1. We clear our responsibility of any neglecting from the buyer or the seller.
      2. The electrical damage that might affect the buyer device because of the content that they bought electronically or downloaded, damage such as viruses or any issues that would affect their devices.
      3. We disclaim liability for service errors, malfunctions or any inaccuracies in any way especially if it’s unintentional.
      4. We have the right to suspend or delete any account the violate our terms of use and conditions.
      5. We disclaim liability of placing the prices for the products on our website in addition to the shipping rates, as this is the responsibility of the sellers.
      6. We disclaim liability for any damage caused by shipping the product, and the seller should deal with reliable transport companies to reduce errors or damages.
      7. The buyer has the right for (two days) from the date of receiving the shipment/product to report any damage or if the item is not as described by the seller to allow us to take the needed actions.
      8. In the case of local pickup and payments not through the site, we disclaim our responsibility to return any payments and that will be the responsibility of the buyer in full if the product does not comply with the description.
      9. You agree to disclaim our responsibility of any payments or costs of any legal cases and their consequences and their uses, and to follow the preconditions listed in our terms or state-sanctioned laws to be borne by the claimant.
      10. Any claims made by third parties as a result of your use of our Services.
      11. Violate any provision of these Terms of Use, including for instance, undertakings and agreements.
      12. In the case of commercial fraud or the sale of products that do not comply with the legal conditions of the Saudi Arabia or our own, we have the right to delete your data without compensation in any way and may apply to your legal fines if any.
  1. Report a violation of the Terms of Use:
    1. We undertake to apply the laws contained in respect of transactions on our website and we would make sure not to violate any of the prohibitions in accordance with our terms of use and conditions or the prohibited by the laws of (Saudi Arabia), and if there is a conflict with these laws please inform us immediately to take the necessary action.
  1. General Provisions/rules:
    1. Please let us know if there is any request or inquiry related to our services and we would promptly satisfy your satisfaction.
    2. This website is based on providing the best services in the best manner in relation to our goals and ambitions, so in case of the presence of partners or deal with other service providers you will be informed. That means we are the only source to check our information.
    3. Please be ethical when dealing with others on our website.
    4. These general terms and conditions may be amended later, if/when that happens users will be notified on our website.
    5. In exceptional emergencies, exceptional measures may be taken in a timely manner.
    6. We have the right to contact you on the numbers or e-mail provided by us for reasons related to the use of our websites or services.
    7. We may provide users with your contact details or address regarding communication with you regarding your dealings on our site.
    8. In case of contact with us, we are entitled to record voice calls, keep messages or emails in order to improve the quality of service and ensure everyone’s right.
  1. Returns And Warranty:
      Mejnah is a multi-vendor marketplace, which means we are not the only seller on this website. If you purchased products from us directly, you have 14 days to return them and you will be refunded as soon as we receive the products in their original condition. However, if the seller is someone else, you will have to check their return policy. If you received a product that is not as described by the seller, contact the seller and if they are not willing to refund you, contact us. As for warranties, they are specified on the product page and the seller must have a warranty policy explaining what it includes.
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